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Simulation: One of the Methods to Increase Productivity (Case Study: IKM Matahari Craft)

Written By: Andre Jason

According to Law and Kelton (1991), simulation method is needed because most real systems in the world are too complex to be evaluated analytically. Simulation method itself is a one of the most widely used technique in operations research and management science. It tries to estimate the characteristics of model by imitate the operations of various kinds of real world processes. Simulation offers several advantages such as, to study the behavior of a system without having to change anything in the real system, results are accurate in general, compared to analytical model, help to find unpredictable phenomenon and easiness to perform “What-If Analysis”. read more

Optimization of Traditional Puppet Production

written by: Intan

Yogyakarta is one of cities in Indonesia, which has many traditional cultures and arts. In this city, we can found some of small and medium industries where produce traditional product, such as batic, traditional puppet, rattan bag, traditional toy, souvenir, etc. In Bantul there is a region, named Imogiri where become a central of traditional puppet production. If we visit Imogiri, we can see many home production there.

“Desa Wisata Pucung Rejo” is one of small industry located in Imogiri. This industry belong to Bapak Mugiman. Bapak Mugiman leads some small industries in Imogiri, which are making traditional puppet. On a week, one industry can produce about 50 traditional puppets. Then, all of the puppets gathered to Bapak Mugiman’s industry. read more

Simulation with Agent Based Modelling

written by: M. Fajri

Simulation is one method to solve a problem. By doing a simulation, it can be seen the factors that influence a system, and can see changes in the system when one of the elements in the system changes. One simulation method that can be used is agent-based modeling.

Agent Based Modeling is one of the modeling methods that can simulate the interaction between agents / individuals in a system, so that it can be seen the model of the system and the effects of the individual on the system. Each of these individuals has a unique or different characteristic and behavior from one another. So that when there is an interaction between agents, there will be a behavior that cannot be predicted beforehand. The ability of agents to determine this behavior is called self-organization. Previous unpredictable behavior is called emergence behavior. read more

Increasing Productivity in Bangkit Gallery

written by: M. Fajri

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have an important role to help the regional economy. According to BCIG (2016), SMEs contributes 99.95% of the number of enterprises in Indonesia. This shows that the SMEs has considerable opportunities to help move the economy of the country with its production. But in reality, the productivity of SMEs is generally still low. Production control in terms of machinery, number of workers, work scheduling, etc., has not been done well. So that the productivity achieved is not optimal. read more

Increasing productivity in Gendhis Bag Production Line

Written by: Ajeng Alfia F.T.

Established in 2002, Gendhis Bag is a home industry company that focused on producing various types of handmade bags made from natural material such as rattan, pandanus, mendong, water hyacinth, etc. The product itself has been distributed to domestic and international market through various distribution channels such as handicraft exhibitions, retailers, and e-commerce. Has been established for more than 15 years, Gendhis Bag is currently a trendsetter in natural bags market. read more

Improvement of Pottery Craft’s Production in Kasongan, Bantul, DIY

Written by : Ahmartiago Aspurwa

Yogyakarta is a region with a lot of crafts. Handicraft centers in DIY are dominated by Small and Medium Industries (IKM) which produce various kinds of handicrafts, such as wood crafts, pottery craft, leather craft, sculptures craft, batik, etc. According to UU No. 5 th 1984, Industry is an economic activity to process raw materials, semi-finished goods, and finished goods so thay have higher value of use and selling prices. Activities in the industry can also absorb a lot of labor, as well as in small and medium industries. Supported by data from the Badan Pusat Statistik of DIY that the production of IKM continues to increase, proved by the positive growth in 2017 of 17.48% compared to the previous year. read more

Simulation vs. Optimization, Which Method the Best?

Written By: Andre Jason

The task of decision making entails choosing between various alternatives. There are methods that will help this decision making process, which some of them are optimization and simulation Both methods, simulation or optimization, have been used in many industries such as energy, finance, manufacturing, transportation, and medical, to help them in the making of strategic, tactical, and operational decision. The one thing that needed to be remember is that these two methods are two different things. There are cases where simulation is better fit and there are cases where optimization is better, or in some cases both can be used together. But in many cases, the terms simulation and optimization are misused. read more

Basic Framework for Discrete Event Simulation

Written by: Ajeng Alfia F.T.

Discrete event simulation is a kind of simulation that uses mathematical modelling of a physical system to present changes in such a period of time. This type of simulation is usually performed to presents queue systems, inventory managements, etc. Follow this simple guide as the basic framework for Discrete Event Simulation Projects:

  1. Set the objective

The key to a successful simulation project is to start with a clear goal. Goal should highlight the issues for which problem the project desire to answer. Discrete Event Simulation can be used for multiple purposes such as diagnosing process issues, sizing inventories, sizing manpower, supporting decision making process for facilities development investments, etc. Besides the goal, other important things that should be considered before building simulations are: read more

Output Improvement for Graduation Medals Production

written by: Faiz Akbar

Technology development in an industry is often making an effect on several aspect in an industry. One of the aspect is the improvement of technology is whether the output can be increased or decreased. Hard to say that the implementation of technology or the improvement often could take a costly risk if to be applied in the real system before it get checked. Wrong move in implementation can make an industry falling down and risking their employees wellbeing. This is why some small to medium industry does not have the motivation to even try the new technology or new way of producing their products. read more

Increasing Productivity on SMEs using Simulation Method: Case Study on Silver Jewelry SME

Written by: Indira Tantina

Small Medium Entreprise (SME) is one of many important sectors in Indonesia economy (Bhasin, 2010; Gunawan 2012; Hamdani, 2012; Indrawati, 2012; Pawitan, 2012; Setyaningsih, 2012). SMEs are crucial to the economy in terms of sustainable growth and employment. They now face a new reality of being challenged on their home turf through the ASEAN Economic Community. This requires them to be more competitive and innovative in order to survive.

In Indonesia, SMEs have contributed over 75% of national income and occupied 97% national employment (National Cooperative Department, 2011). This high number reflects that SMEs needs to be carefully developed due to wide variances of labor skill and technology adopted in contrast to customer’ requirements over the products. read more