SCM Globe - Learning by Doing

SCM Globe is a powerful tool for online collaborative supply chain planning and simulation. It provides a real-world simulated environment where we can create an entire supply chain network with the entities needed such as products, facilities, vehicles, and routes. For each of these entities, we can adjust its parameters based on our strategies and necessities. Thus with SCM Globe we can practically design our desired supply chain network and simulate it to see how it performs. It also allows us to generate financial and performance data that we can use to further evaluate the supply chain network. Furthermore, the SCM Globe provides numerous case studies from beginner to advanced level that allows students to apply the concepts and theories that they have learned in class.

 In class, we had the opportunity to use SCM Globe and work on some of the provided case studies. As we worked on those cases, we were challenged to think critically about how we can make the supply chain work efficiently and create profit. With SCM Globe we were able to improve the solution based on the supply chain theories we’ve learned in class and see the results from running the simulation. Students were able to experiment either by rerouting the network, choosing different transportation modes, or even relocating the facilities, and many more.

            The learning process of using SCM Globe is very intriguing as we can visually see the network we’re running. The interface is intuitive and highly engaging like a game where we can create our supply chain network. Overall SCM Globe has enhanced our learning experience and improved our understanding. It is highly recommended for students, teachers, or any supply chain enthusiast all over the world who’s curious about how the supply chain works.