Optimization of Traditional Puppet Production

written by: Intan

Yogyakarta is one of cities in Indonesia, which has many traditional cultures and arts. In this city, we can found some of small and medium industries where produce traditional product, such as batic, traditional puppet, rattan bag, traditional toy, souvenir, etc. In Bantul there is a region, named Imogiri where become a central of traditional puppet production. If we visit Imogiri, we can see many home production there.

“Desa Wisata Pucung Rejo” is one of small industry located in Imogiri. This industry belong to Bapak Mugiman. Bapak Mugiman leads some small industries in Imogiri, which are making traditional puppet. On a week, one industry can produce about 50 traditional puppets. Then, all of the puppets gathered to Bapak Mugiman’s industry. read more